FTV Girls Celeste

Whoa, what do you think Celeste is going to do with that giant glass dildo?  I can’t imagine taking something that big but Celeste is more than up for the challenge and if the look on her face is any indication she’s enjoying every second of it.  Nothing like a pretty “O” face after a hard days work.

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FTV Girls Carina

Carina brought some of her favorite toys over to the set and told us she was going to put on a good show.  She was right!  I’ve never seen a girl this tiny and cute take two at once in her pussy before, and as if that wasn’t enough she adds a vibrator to her clit to really push herself over the edge!

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FTV Girls Penny

Penny came into the FTV Girls studio and told us if we gave her twenty minutes of our time she’d prove to us that she has what it takes to be a star.  Those were the hottest twenty minutes of my life.  Watching her take dildo after dildo into that sweet pussy of hers was wonderful.  We hired her immediately.

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FTV Girls Kali

Kali decided that the FTV Girls office pool table needed a few more holes so she climbed up and spread her legs wide open.  She’s got a beautiful body and a tight little pussy with a nice clit piercing.  I have to wonder how many pool balls she could take before she’s full up.

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FTV Girls Madison

Madison was really excited about her brand new cherry-print panties and wanted to make sure that everyone at FTV Girls got a good look at them.  They’re very cute and definitely make her look even sexier than usual.  She ended up taking them off and stuffing them into her tight wet pussy.

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FTV Girls Lacey

Lacey just joined up with FTV Girls last week but she’s already making her way to the top of the food chain!  She’s got some sweet tits and she’s letting us see them today but that’s not all she’s got in store for us, those cute white panties of hers hide a really beautiful little ass and we’ll get to see that too.

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FTV Girls Jade

ftv girls Jade takes off her sexy lingerie

Jade is taking FTV Girls by storm and getting us all nice and riled up with her hot body.  She’s doing a sexy striptease while wearing a silky plum nightie and it’s a welcome sight for horny eyes.  You can see all you want of her in this set and she’s sweet enough you don’t want to miss a thing.

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FTV Girls Anna & Amber

Anna and Amber make love at home

FTV Girls is proud to present Anna and Amber, two young lesbians who can’t get enough of each other.  They explore each other very gently in these pictures, like young lovers engaging in sex for the first time.  Their bodies are petite and cute and you can tell how eager they are, so check them out!

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FTV Girls Alexa Loren

Here we have living proof that all-natural girls can still be smoking hot!  This hottie is just lounging around on a hot summer’s day, letting her beautiful breasts get some air.  They’re perfect; just look at them and tell me you wouldn’t want to snuggle up to her and fall asleep on that wonderful chest.

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FTV Girls Tera

Tera loves posing on staircases because it highlights just how long and lean her beautiful body really is.  She’s got some sweet tats on her lower back and you’ll get to see plenty of them because the FTV guy working the camera knows a great ass when he sees one and wants to make sure you don’t miss it.

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FTV Girls Alexa

This sweet little thing is bound and determined to become a star and with a body like that I don’t think she’s going to have any trouble.  She’s not shy about showing off her pretty little pussy and she clearly takes the time to make sure it’s properly shaven.  I’d give up a kidney just to put my mouth on it one time.

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FTV Girls Mai

Mai knows that silk and lace are wonderful and proves it by spending a little time with her favorite pair of panties.  She slips them off and drags them slowly across her body before stuffing them deep inside her wet pussy.  Then she pulls them back out and drapes them across those lovely breasts of hers.

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