FTV Girls Mandie

FTV Girls Mandie loves to tease and please

It’s hard to believe that Mandie is a first timer the way she dominates the room during her sets, but she really is new at this.  She’s got the prettiest eyes, not to mention a nice tight spankable ass that she shows off to good effect.  There are some lovely peeks at her perfectly shaven pussy, too.

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FTV Girls Jessy

This is Jessy and she was a little nervous about joining the FTV Girl lineup, but we know a future star when we see one and she’s definitely got what it takes.  She’s super cute and in this set we manage to coax her into showing us her tits.  It’s a solid start and I’m sure we’ll get more out of her soon.

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FTV Girls Lacey

Lacey just joined up with FTV Girls last week but she’s already making her way to the top of the food chain!  She’s got some sweet tits and she’s letting us see them today but that’s not all she’s got in store for us, those cute white panties of hers hide a really beautiful little ass and we’ll get to see that too.

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FTV Girls Alexa

This sweet little thing is bound and determined to become a star and with a body like that I don’t think she’s going to have any trouble.  She’s not shy about showing off her pretty little pussy and she clearly takes the time to make sure it’s properly shaven.  I’d give up a kidney just to put my mouth on it one time.

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FTV Girls Christine

If you like thin, petite blondes then FTV Girls has got a winner for you: her name is Christine and there is nothing about this girl that isn’t hot as hell.  She’s not wearing any panties under that pink sundress of hers and she’s making sure everyone within eyesight is well aware of it!

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FTV Girls Cadence

For a first timer this girl sure as hell didn’t have any qualms about stripping down and going to work on herself with a vibrator!   This is the kind of thing we like to see here at FTV; young ladies being proud of their bodies and having a good time with their sex.   Come check out this beautiful piece of work.

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FTV Girls Anna & Amber

These two have been eagerly waiting to get naughty on camera together and the crew at FTV Girls was definitely up to the task of recording it.  They explore each other’s hot bodies very slowly and carefully, using their tongue to go into soft, secret places that bring them immense pleasure.

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FTV Girls Candace

One thing we like here at FTV Girls – big, beautiful breasts.  Today we’re bringing you an all-natural and very busty young thing who was extremely eager to take her top off and let us adore her.  She knows she’s got some sweet tits and she’s all about basking in our admiration.  Check her out, they really are wonderful.

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FTV Girls Alexa

Alexa’s new to the industry but I’m pretty sure she’s going to go far.  Her face alone is worthy of worship, but then you see that body of hers and it’s like oh my god!  I particularly like her sweet little shaved pussy, don’t you?  She’s a welcome addition to FTV Girls and you can expect to see more of her.

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FTV Girls Taryn

Celebrating the female form is easy here at FTV Girls.  We’ve got so many of them to share and all of them are just gorgeous.  Here we have a naughty little blonde giving us tantalizing glimpses of her sweet pussy from underneath her pretty sundress.  If only more of them were willing to do this!

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