FTV Girls Celeste

Category : Brunette

Celeste doesn’t head out into the hallway to text on her cellphone during her break like most office girls do.  She stays right where she is, parts her silky smooth legs, and tries to see if she can rub out a quick orgasm before she has to get back on the clock.   She’s a wonderful addition to FTV Girls.


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FTV Girls Kara

FTV Girls Kara plays with her sweet shaved pussy

I’ve been wanting to see Kara’s pussy since she joined FTV Girls and I’m sure the rest of you have too.  Well the wait is over, she’s in bed with her favorite toy and she’s working it long, hard and steady!  She holds on for quite awhile before the first orgasm but after that she cums like a machinegun.

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FTV Girls Mandie

FTV Girls Mandie loves to tease and please

It’s hard to believe that Mandie is a first timer the way she dominates the room during her sets, but she really is new at this.  She’s got the prettiest eyes, not to mention a nice tight spankable ass that she shows off to good effect.  There are some lovely peeks at her perfectly shaven pussy, too.

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FTV Girls Jessy

This is Jessy and she was a little nervous about joining the FTV Girl lineup, but we know a future star when we see one and she’s definitely got what it takes.  She’s super cute and in this set we manage to coax her into showing us her tits.  It’s a solid start and I’m sure we’ll get more out of her soon.

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FTV Girls Celeste

Whoa, what do you think Celeste is going to do with that giant glass dildo?  I can’t imagine taking something that big but Celeste is more than up for the challenge and if the look on her face is any indication she’s enjoying every second of it.  Nothing like a pretty “O” face after a hard days work.

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FTV Girls Penny

Penny came into the FTV Girls studio and told us if we gave her twenty minutes of our time she’d prove to us that she has what it takes to be a star.  Those were the hottest twenty minutes of my life.  Watching her take dildo after dildo into that sweet pussy of hers was wonderful.  We hired her immediately.

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